Welcome to my new Blog!

This is so exciting.  I’m happy to have a blog now, i could write all this knowledge i’m constantly learning and share it with everyone.

I hope i don’t sound like a health OCD Freak, lol, but i think knowledge is Power, and will save lives!  I want to grow older, feel younger, and have so much energy to continue living for my loved ones and contributing to my beloved community.

I want people to comment and share their thoughts, ask me questions, and lets all get healthier together : )

Oh, and excuse me if my english is not perfect, my name is Omar Abou-Ismail,  I am from Lebanon, raised in Nigeria, and live in Utah, USA.  I have been speaking English my whole life though : )  And i like khalil Gibran says, Earth is my Country, and Humanity my Family 😉



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