Why Eat Live Food And What Does That Mean?

Eating “live food” means eating fresh, enzyme rich food that comes from the garden.  Once vegetables are cooked, they lose their vitality and most of their enzymes are destroyed.  Enzymes are a very important element in our food as they are what help break down the food in our system and assimilate the nutrients properly in our cells and blood stream.  Enzymes are the key factor of life; proteins are broken down to amino acids and amino acids are broken down into enzymes.  The reason gorillas are over 600 pounds of pure muscle (or any large herbivorous mammal) is because they are constantly eating fresh food that contains a ton of enzymes that are directly feeding their muscles!

Nuts, seeds, and legumes are also sprouted, and through sprouting, the nut/seed/legume builds a potential energy of high vitamin/mineral/enzyme to help it grow into a plant.  Once sprouted and then eaten, you ingest all of the energy, vitamins, and minerals that it has built.  According to Dr. Bernard Jensen’s research, sprouting nuts, seeds, and legumes increases their vitamins by 600 %.

So Eating live food gives energy and nourishes your body, keeps your cells hydrated, and your skin radiating with health.